Welcome to Islamic Center of Polk county

It is our honor and high privilege to welcome you to the Islamic Center of Polk county Web site. It  through the Gracious Mercy of Allah (SWT) that we are able to provide the few humble services for the community. Pray that Allah (SWT) guides us ALL in his Mercy and forgives us our transgressions.

Who are we?

Islamic Center of Polk County (ICOPC), a non profit organization, is dedicated to serving Islam.




More than 15 years ago we were a very few Muslim families in Polk county, Florida felt the need for a Masjid within an easy driving distance. A meeting was held and as a means of evaluating both the real need and the ability of the local families to establish and sustain a Masjid, a weekly Mussallah was proposed. We decided to stop traveling for more than an hour to do Jummah prayer and started renting a small room every Friday to do the prayers.


After few years funds were raised from the local Muslim community they purchased a lot with a small house, which they were able to get the county to re-zone for conversion into a mosque "Masjid" (Picture above). Few years later we bought the land adjacent to the Masjid for parking. The facility above was used as a temporary means of providing adequate space for Sunday school classes, holding meetings, hosting interfaith events, and accommodating the overflow during Friday congregational prayers and during Ramadan. We are tightly packed for Jummah prayers the number of worshipers far exceeds the capacity of the Masjid. We made a small extension next to the center "as shown to the right of the building" to help accommodate more brothers which also get packed on Fridays.

As our community was getting big by the day we realized that we should plan for a bigger Masjid. We started fundraising and we bought a close by 5 acre land for our future Masjid.  Our unique location serves Muslims in a big geographical area as far as lake placid, Sebring, Avon Park, Wauchula, and neighboring towns. Islamic Center of Polk County, Winter Haven, Florida would humbly like to acknowledge with deep appreciation the patience, assistance, guidance and good support that we have received and continue to receive from our community, the neighborhood, the county, the local elected officials and members in the law enforcement community.   

 Goals and Objectives: